Gone Too Soon by Darkside

it is pretty sad news that Darkside is breaking up, leaving us with two previously unreleased songs, this one being fucking delicious. i suppose this is a good last song to post, because i have decided to stop posting on sistertiger. i have really enjoying sharing music with you guys for the last almost three years, but i have become a bit tired of it. i have a lot of other things going on right now, namely university and i just don’t have time to keep up with things like i used to. also i am quite sick of tumblr, maybe i should have started this blog on another platform but it’s a bit late now. i’m not going to delete the blog, i’ll leave it up so you can still listen to everything i have posted, who knows, maybe one day i’ll be back! i’ll still keep my soundcloud where you can look at my likes for any sort of update, but i wont be making anymore mixes. 

thanks for being such a beautiful bunch of people for following me and sending me lots of nice messages! xx alaina aka sistertiger

You’re Dead! by Flying Lotus

send this to me and i will love you always

send this to me and i will love you always